DC Samba chairs meeting for saturation of Govt Schemes in Border Villages

SAMBA, OCTOBER 12: Deputy Commissioner Samba, Abhishek Sharma, today chaired a meeting with the primary objective of ensuring the comprehensive implementation of various government schemes in border villages.

The meeting was attended by key officers, department heads, and local representatives, and it aimed to strategize and expedite the saturation of these schemes to benefit the residents of these areas.

During the meeting, a detailed discussion took place on the status of ongoing government initiatives and their impact on the border villages.

The Deputy Commissioner stressed the importance of prompt and effective execution to bring positive changes to the lives of the villagers.

Notable attendees at the meeting included CPO Samba Sukhleen Kour, ACR Samba Dr. Kusum Chib, ACD Samba Sidharth Dhiman, SDM Ghagwal Sunaina Saini & Vijaypur Dr. Rajesh Kumar, CMO Vidhi Bhutiyal, Executive Engineer PWD Vijay Kumar, District Officers, and other concerned officers, all of whom shared their insights and progress reports related to the schemes.

The Deputy Commissioner emphasized the need for close cooperation among various departments, efficient resource allocation, and timely monitoring to make certain that government programs effectively address the needs of the border villages.

Specific instructions were issued to various departments during the meeting.

The CMO Samba was instructed to assess the working conditions of all health centers in the region.

The PWD department received instructions to maintain all the roads connecting the border areas to ensure accessibility.

The CEO Samba was tasked with overseeing the proper functioning of schools at the border level, addressing any unique challenges they may face, and coordinating with relevant authorities as necessary to provide quality education to the residents of these areas.

DC stated that all departments need to prioritize the welfare of border village residents and expedite the implementation of government schemes for their benefit.All schemes for the welfare of border residents should be effectively executed, ultimately enhancing the living conditions and access to essential services for the border village communities.

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