xQc and Austin find themselves in middle of a hilarious dance-off during Cash App stream

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Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Rajjpatel “AustinShow” found themselves in a hilarious dance-off during a break at the recently concluded Cash App stream.

xQc and AustinShow were two of the multiple popular content creators who were invited for a “Q&A” session. The other personalities who attended the event were Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Ranboo, Toby “Tubbo” Smith, Ashley “BrookeAB” Bond, and Ericka “Boze” Bozeman, among others.

The session lasted for over three hours with all of the creators individually being asked a range of personal and work-related questions. A clip that has since popped up on the LivestreamFail subreddit also shows xQc and Austin having a hilarious dance-off during one of the breaks.

xQc and Austin make use of a break during Cash App stream to show off their dance moves

The Cash App stream was also attended by Ronaldo “StableRonaldo,” who claimed that his favorite aspect about Twitch is that he gets to stream-snipe xQc. xQc, one of the most popular names on Twitch in recent months, seemed to be having a good time. He also revealed towards the end that the creators involved planned to host further sponsored streams as well.

CORRECTION: There is a VOD for the Cashapp stream! Not sure if it will stay up or for how long. VOD FRIENDS: twitch.tv/cashapp/video/…Q&A: 57m56sTRIVIA: 2h19m13s

Regardless, after the session, xQc and Austin decided to show off their dance moves. In the clip, Lengyel can be seen initially breaking into dance moves as the crew continues to film the streamers. He was then encouraged by BrookeAB to continue dancing and decided to oblige.

Pretty soon, AustinShow decided to put down his microphone and join xQc. Both streamers danced side-by-side for some time before xQc walked away. However, Austin was not done and decided to increase the intensity. Both seemed comfortable dancing and were praised by Reddit viewers.

Image via r/LivestreamFail, Reddit
Image via r/LivestreamFail, Reddit

People claimed that xQc has probably been practicing his dancing, and were surprised to see some of the moves. Apart from the Q&A session, Cash App also gave away $125k as part of the event.

The overall stream proved to be a huge success and led to some hilariously entertaining moments, as the above clips suggest.

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