Things WWE RAW got right: November 15, 2021

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WWE had a lot of work to do on RAW before Survivor Series. Before the pay-per-view, the final episode of the show needed to have some big moments to build the hype for Sunday.

Bianca Belair impressed the WWE Universe once again and took down Tamina to make a statement on RAW. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch cut a promo for her match against Charlotte Flair before Liv Morgan interrupted her. A brief brawl allowed Liv to counter the Manhandle Slam and stand tall to end the segment.

WWE killed off the momentum The Dirty Dawgz had built by handing them a loss against AJ Styles and Omos. It looks like the company will turn Styles and Omos face soon. Queen Vega defeated Nikki A.S.H. on RAW before Rhea Ripley took down Carmella. Tensions seem to be rising between the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on RAW.

The show also hosted a few big matches that did well to hype Sunday’s Survivor Series event. Take a look at the five things WWE got right on RAW this week.

#5. Big E hyped his match against Roman Reigns on WWE RAW

WWE Champion Big E opened RAW with an in-ring promo. Without wasting Usosime, he spoke about Roman Reigns and The Usos’ attack on Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown.

Big E claimed that he would take a piece out of Roman Reigns at Survivor Series that The Tribal Chief would never return. He wanted to get payback, and that was exactly what the RAW Superstar was preparing for.

After addressing the Universal Champion, Big E turned his attention to Kevin Owens’ attack at the end of last week’s RAW. This brought out The Prizefighter.

Owens claimed he was forced into it and was now ready to be the bad guy everyone expects him to be. Big E left the ring to go after KO, but The Usos came out of nowhere to attack the WWE Champion.

Big E did more to build the match between Reigns for Survivor Series this week with a single promo that WWE has done all month. He cut straight to the point and made sure that everyone knew that things had gotten too personal.

Reigns and E will likely put on the best match of the night at Survivor Series. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top on Sunday night.

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