List of things that can get your accounts banned

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When it comes to mobile battle royale games, PUBG Mobile Lite is unquestionably one of the most played options, with a large worldwide community. The game has grown significantly over time, thanks to developers who incorporate unique content regularly.

Sometimes, users deflect the course and use unethical modified programs and tools to get benefits that are not normally available, such as using unlimited PUBG Mobile Lite BC generators.

Nevertheless, they must keep in mind that doing so might result in significant consequences, including account suspension. Here are further details about the reasons that might result in a ban.

Why do PUBG Mobile Lite accounts get banned?

A snippet from the official support section of PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Tencent)
A snippet from the official support section of PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Tencent)

On the official support for PUBG Mobile Lite, the developers have mentioned the common violations that lead to a ban, which are:

Use of cheating tools in the game: Players are not permitted to use cheating tools that give them an unfair edge over others. This is because it affects the experience of the others playing.

Using auxiliary programs or plug-ins: Third-party plug-ins should be avoided when playing PUBG Mobile Lite.

Any illegal changes to client file data: Users are not permitted to tamper with the data in the game client file, and doing so will result in an account ban.

Playing multiple times with teammates that are cheating: If players engage in several matches with teammates who have been caught cheating, they will be banned as well.

Additionally, it is stated that the game must always be downloaded from official sources such as the Google Play Store or the PUBG Mobile Lite website. Using unauthorized sources or a cracked game client will result in a ban as well.

Avoid sharing your account details with others

Further, the developers have said that the suspension will be implemented regardless of who was using the application. In other words, the ban stance will remain in place even if the violation occurred when the player’s account was hacked or was used by someone else.

As a result, users are recommended not to share their account details with anyone else nor use any cheating programs themselves.

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