Fnatic’s toplaner Adam claims that Upset’s departure from League of Legends Worlds 2021 was “totally unjustified”

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Fnatic’s toplaner Adam has confirmed in a TwitLonger that he will be leaving the team for the 2022 season of League of Legends‘ LEC.

However, alongside that, he also opened up about many things, including Upset’s sudden departure from League of Legends Worlds 2021. Adam claims that even today, no one knows why he left the team as Upset provided no solid reason.

Upset leaving Fnatic on account of family issues was a massive blow to their team, which led to their horrendous performance at the tournament. However, if Adam’s TwitLonger speaks any truth, which in probability might be the case, then there is more to the situation than just family urgency.

Fnatic’s star Adam opens about the Upset situation during League of Legends Worlds 2021

Upset left Fnatic on sudden notice during League of Legends Worlds 2021. He claimed there were major family issues, and he had to return home. Back then, no proper information was provided to the fans on the exact reason.

Obviously, it makes sense as exposing someone’s private life is definitely not the right thing to do. However, it seems that not just the fans, but even his own teammates, had no clue on exactly what happened.

Fnatic’s toplaner Adam has made a TwitLonger where he claims that even today, nobody knows why he left. Apparently, Upset claimed that his girlfriend felt lonely, and thus, he had to leave.

Adam, on his TwitLonger, stated that,

Upset just left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone, and maybe I’m wrong; who knows? Anyway, those were the last words he said to us before he left us one day before the Worlds. Of course, after the Worlds, I asked for details, but apparently, he didn’t tell anyone the exact reasons for his departure –> There’s nothing urgent because otherwise, he would have told us.”

These are major allegations, as leaving the team just 12 hours before a tournament like the League of Legends World Championships without any proper reason is definitely unjustified. In fact, it is wrong for the entire team, including the fans.

Obviously, there might be something even stronger that Upset did not feel necessary to mention, even to his closest friends.

just when you thought the offseason was coming to an end…

Adam, however, did not stop there, as he further claimed that Upset tried to sign Alphari behind his back after the tournament. Upset felt that both Adam and Nisqy were not up to the mark and needed to leave the team.

In all honesty, Adam definitely went extremely personal with this post. He claimed that these words had been stuck inside him for a long time, and he wanted to get those out before leaving the team for good.

In fact, he even claims that he wanted to get off the team as fast as possible, as he felt that nobody wanted him there apart from Nisqy.

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