Do You Need To Study The Entire Indian Constitution For Civil Services Exam?

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UPSC 2022 Exam Date is on June 5, 2022. The candidates are preparing the UPSC Syllabus for the same which also includes the Constitution of India in the Indian Polity section. Check what must be studied for the Civil Services Exam below.

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Studying the Indian Constitution: UPSC 2022

Studying the Indian Constitution: UPSC 2022

UPSC 2022 Prelims is going to be conducted on June 5, 2022, The candidates who wish to appear in the exam are always told by various coaching institutes that they need a good grasp on Indian Polity as it is the most important subject in Civil Services Exam with maximum questions being put up from there. Many times the candidates think that they need to study the entire Indian Constitution in detail. Is this true or is it a myth? Let us find it out below.

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UPSC CSE 2022: Is Studying Constitution of India Important?

Yes, as a matter of fact studying the Constitution of India is important but how much is way more important.

As you know, getting the information from the horse’s mouth is always better. So the candidates are advised to look for details in the Constitution itself. However, studying and memorizing the entire Constitution is not necessary. That you may get from the Lakxmikanth book as well.

Many times, the language of the Constitution is confusing to first-timers. You must understand the English language there is to be interpreted as it is and there is no meaning implicated in the sentences. This is the best way to study the Constitution as per the experts. And it is for the candidates to understand as well. The law students find it difficult to understand the entire Indian Constitution and memorise it and have an open book exam. How do you expect UPSC to be ruthless enough to expect you to know the Constitution word by word?

UPSC CSE 2022: What to study in the Indian Constitution?

Candidates must know some parts of the Indian Constitution by heart. One such example is the Preamble. Many times questions have been asked for filling in the blanks from this part of the Indian Constitution.

Students must also know all the Fundamental Rights in detail along with the explanation of each. Memorizing one or two famous cases like Kesavananda Bharti, Golaknath which have shaped the Constitution’s status and interpretation on such a higher level must be known to the candidates of Covil Services. After all, you are going to serve the Government of India.

The candidates must also know all the Directive Principles of State Policy along with the article numbers as well. The various books on the Indian Polity provide you with ample details on each of these.

Moreover, Fundamental Duties, Committees, history of Indian Constitution, Schedules and Parts of the Constitution, various latest amendments are somethings you can study directly from the Constitution of India commonly sold as The Bare Act in the markets. It is quite obvious that the copies of the original written Constitution would not be sold in the market for students to go through.

The original Constitution of India has three copies and is 16 inches wide and 22 inches long book kept in the Central Library of the Parliament. You can go there and take a look at the original document.


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