Colby Covington claims he will KO Jorge Masvidal

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Colby Covington recently revealed his intentions should he ever step inside the octagon with former best friend Jorge Masvidal.

In an interview with MMA News, ‘Chaos’ said he would spark Masvidal out cold if the two UFC welterweights were to fight. When asked how a clash between Covington and Masvidal would play out, the former interim welterweight champion exclaimed:

“Oh, without a doubt I would spark him unconscious. He has got like 20 losses on his record so I feel bad about picking on a journeyman, but they [UFC] hyped him up. And ‘Street Judas’ journeyman Masvidal is out here saying, ‘Hey man, I wanna get back to the title, give me a fight that gets me back to the title’. Okay, I’m number one man, come prove it. Come prove that you want to get back to the title, I want to get back to the title. I want the belt more than I want to breathe, I want the belt more than anything in the world… If he really wants to prove it let’s see if he’s the man of his words, but I don’t think he’s going to show up I think he’s going to, you know, duck and try and put his tail between his legs.”

Watch the full interview below: (Time stamp when he talks about Jorge Masvidal: 15:07)

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal share a history that goes beyond the octagon. The two elite welterweight fighters were roommates when Masvidal was paving his own way towards UFC stardom. ‘Gamebred’ was seen numerous times in Covington’s corner when the latter came up the ranks.

Soon after, things got ugly between the two as Colby Covington changed his public image and turned heel after fighting Demian Maia in Brazil. Embracing a new persona, ‘Chaos’ made a lot of new enemies, including Jorge Masvidal.

There has long been a misconception that Covington and Masvidal are close friends. Actually hasn’t been the case for a while, and this confirms it.…

Jorge Masvidal wants to smash Colby Covington’s face in; calls ‘Chaos’ a “fragile rat guy”

Jorge Masvidal recently appeared on The MMA Hour posted with popular journalist Ariel Helwani. Before his scheduled bout with Leon Edwards was canceled due to Masvidal’s injury, the BMF spoke about his former best friend Colby Covington.

Masvidal stated that he would like to smash Covington’s face in in the near future, and that the two will surely cross paths in the UFC eventually:

“I would love to smash his face in and get a handsome reward on it. But at this particular time, since I signed first with Leon, I would like to address Leon’s b**ch-a** first. And then, we’ll take care of the fragile rat guy. But, you know, now he’s changing his gimmick. Now he’s a nice guy and sh**. Usman beat his a** so hard, now he’s a nice guy. Damn, that f**king- wow! What a f**king turn of events, huh? That f**king coward.”

Watch Jorge Masvidal’s full interview with Ariel Helwani below:

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