Basohli turns into cultural wonderland amidst Basohli Mahotsav celebrations

KATHUA OCTOBER 19: The Basohli Mahotsav, a vibrant celebration of culture and tradition in the picturesque landscape located at trijunction of J&K, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh is attracting visitor/ tourists from far and wide to witness world acclaimed Basohli Ram Leela.

The festival has been captivating locals and visitors alike with its enchanting mix of cultural programs, sports events, and artistic competitions.

The highlight of the day was the mesmerizing cultural programs presented by talented performers from the region. Their captivating performances showcased various art forms, including folk dances, classical music, and traditional storytelling. The audience was enthralled by the vibrant colors, graceful moves, and soulful melodies that filled the air.

In addition to the cultural programs, several sports events were organized to engage and entertain the participants. Participants showcased their skills and enthusiasm as they competed in various sports activities, including traditional sports. These events not only provided a platform for friendly competition but also fostered a spirit of sportsmanship and unity among the participants.

Art enthusiasts, particularly school students, took part in painting competitions held as part of the Basohli Mahotsav. Through their paintings, the young artists beautifully captured the essence of Basohli’s rich cultural heritage.

The locals and tourists witnessing the multitude of events appreciated District Administration Kathua for the well orchestrated arrangements for the ongoing Basohli Mahotsav which is being organised on a massive scale this year.

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